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Google Chrome has been released for more than 10 years. Its simplicity, speed, and functionality have made it the best browser for a long time. People nowadays have to deal with the Internet every day, so a good browser is a handy tool. “The mechanic, who wishes to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools.” Subsequently, developing a good habit of using it will give full play to maximize the possibilities of chrome.

In my opinion, the biggest highlight of Chrome is the variety of extensions. There are nearly 190,000 plug-ins in Chrome Web Store, which can meet different needs: either efficiency, entertainment or lifeStyle. This allows Chrome to form an ecosystem with strong user stickiness thus raises market share.

Let’s start with my daily browsing habits. Whenever I open it, I always go straight to the place I want. As a result, I don’t want its UI to contains a lot of distractions like recommendations or advertisements. This is what Chrome does very well. In addition to common websites, the home page only shows the search box. However, I don’t want to face a blank home page every time, so I used an extension called Earth View From Google Earth. Every time I create a new tab, an aerial view of random places will be displayed to give my eyes some colors, clearing my mind.。赏心悦目

Doesn’t that make the UI look a lot better and more professional? All the sites I want and commands can be done by the address bar or the Favorites, so I don’t have to put any other elements on the front page. When it comes to favorites, “Ctrl + Shift + B” is a handy way to hide or show.

Another plug-in I have been using for a long time is called Dark Reader. It allows user to change the colors of files which are shown on the website to their liking.



The contrast and sepia adjustment are also very practical, because the low contrast effect or the paper-like color can reduce eye fatigue.


Other useful plug-ins include Ad Block Plus, Evernote web cliper, Simple Blocker, etc., which are all very useful. Simple Blocker can prevent users from accessing to the website according to the URL. For example, I used to be addicted to Zhihu, so I set an access restriction. By the way, plug-ins in Chrome can be enabled in incognito mode to cover all uses.

Therefore, to achieve the effect of “your chrome is not just a browser”, the plug-in is a very direct and effective method. Another function that I think is very useful is the ”Open in tabs” function.

It allows the web page to be opened separately in the form of a single-window shortcut, so that I can go directly to the website I want. Moreover, its interface is like an app, and people won’t receive interference from other elements of the browser while using, which makes it very immersive

Using “Alt + Tab” to switch websites is just like switching an app, and the operation of fixing the taskbar makes web browsing very convenient and allows users to have a new experience.

To sum up, Chrome has been a very mature system after generations of development. There are more practical functions, so looking forward to exploring them in the next article!

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